Smart Home Technology

How Smart is your Home?

Smart Home TechnologySmart home technology has seriously catapulted us into another dimension of convenience, intelligence and even cost savings.  The latest gadgets and tech trends can make a huge difference in your home!

Check out top picks for smart home technology.

Smart Item #1: Heating and Cooling

  • My home is to hot / cold when I am gone
  • I forget to change my thermostat at night / morning
  • My heating / cooling system is efficient, but my home is not

Introduce smart thermostats to your home and it can solve problems you didn’t even know you had! Honeywell, the Nest and many other manufacturers now have WiFi enabled thermostats. Control temperature, set timers, set zones and more – All from any device!

Smart Item #2: Voice Command

From changing the song to asking a question, looking for a recipe or getting weather updates – Echo/Alexa and similar devices are a great hands free way to get answers instantly. This is easily the most popular smart home technology on the market today!

Smart Item #3: Security / Locks / Cameras

Lost your keys? No problem. Forget to shut the garage door? Done! Looking for a security system upgrade? Easy.

From smart locks controlled by your phone to garage door sensors to open or shut your garage from anywhere, these automated beauties can be seriously convenient and seriously safe. Investing in smart technology to keep your home safe and secure is a great choice!

Smart Item #4: Lighting / Shades

Let there be light!  Smart bulbs and automated lighting can be a great way to save energy, and provide lighting when you need it most. Similarly, automated lighting and shades on timers can be a great solution for travel!

Smart Item #5: Automatic Vacuums

Models like the Roomba can be a great solution to cleaning – Hands free! Be on the lookout for deals on Amazon, Target and HSN – Bundles can be a great way to get the accessories you need for a fraction of the cost! The Roomba and other similar automatic vacuums can save you time and keep your house tidy!

Smart Item #6: Lawn Items

Similar to the technology of the Roomba, there are automatic mowers that you can set loose and your yard is done in no time! Automated irrigation systems can also be a great solution to saving time and money while keeping your lawn pristine.

Smart Item #7: Appliances

Forget energy efficiency, think bigger! Dual load washers and dryers can be a lifesaver for those that seem to always be doing laundry! Similar technology in dishwashers, ovens and refrigerators can also be great investments to get even more for your money.

Smart Item #8 Fire / CO2 Safety

Smart safety products are pretty much a necessity.  WiFi enabled smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors talk to each other, and to your devices. Verbal alerts eliminate any questions – And alert  you of issues quickly.

Smart Item #9 – Pet Products

Don’t forget your pets! From pet cameras to food distributors and invisible fences, technology has seriously upgraded your pets wish list. Products are great for convenience and safety!