Online Reviews

Share the love with online reviews!

Moving Ahead Services was founded on the basis that our customers will always be the number-one priority. Any job, large or small, will receive the best in care, and Moving Ahead Services has held those standards high for over 10,000 completed moves. As an established business, and also as consumers, online reviews play an intricate part of our daily lives.

As a consumer, one of the most beneficial things we can do is relay feedback from our experiences with service providers. Whether it’s a one-time job or a preferred provider, it is important to articulate both the positive and negative aspects. A strong business would use any less-than-favorable feedback to improve, and the bad guys will eventually flounder under the pressure. Now we enter the internet into the mix, and all of our reviews are displayed for any potential customers to see!

As a business, online reviews are a way for us to hear what customers have to say. We are held accountable for each and every move, and luckily our customers are quite eager to provide us with feedback online. We also utilize these platforms to provide accurate information about our business and to research other potential local businesses, such as storage facilities, that we may enlist services from in the future.

With Yelp, Google Plus, Angie’s List, and the countless other online platforms, customers can provide feedback and a star rating, all with a couple clicks of the mouse. Some platforms require account setup, which is often a deterrent for completing the intended reviews. Keep in mind that, although you may have to go through a few minutes of information and setup, the feedback you will give now and in the future is invaluable to company growth, as well as to potential other customers that will read your online reviews.

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