Security Risks During Moving

Is Your Move Putting You At Risk?

security risks during movingSecurity risks during moving are frequently overlooked, and should definitely be at the top of the priority list! Moving can be an overwhelming time, whether or not you have expert help.  Unfortunately, the increased activity and related moving tasks can put you at a higher risk for crime.

Security Risks During Moving

Protecting yourself and your family is incredibly important.  Get a handle on these safety tips to keep your move and your family secure and safe!

  1. Change the locks! Be sure to change your locks at your new home, and update any security codes or entry access points. Don’t forget garage doors, garage door openers, patio doors and more!
  2. Choose reputable service providers. Use sites like Angie’s List, AMSA and the BBB to check on the reputation of your service provider.  From contractors for repairs to moving companies and everything in between – The more people in and out of your home, the higher the risk!
  3. Don’t display your trash at the curb. Properly dispose of electronics boxes and anything that may indicate valuables are in the home.
  4. During the move, ask a neighbor at both locations to keep a watchful eye during the transition.  Having belongings in two places can get complicated!  Report any suspicious activity.
  5. Keep a close eye on your moving truck or packed car if you are doing a DIY move! Make sure to lock the back of your truck.
  6. Keep track of valuables, jewelry, cash, checkbooks and important documents.
  7. Scope out your new home. From lighting to window locks and anything that could raise your risk – Get the repairs done before you move!

Moving is a complicated, exciting and stressful process!  Unfortunately, individuals with ill intentions can use those weaknesses to their benefit.  Take extra precautions to make your move a safe one!