How to Know if you are Being Scammed by Movers

Moving Scams and Bad Business

Many are scammed by movers this time of year, and unfortunately technology isn’t helping the matter!  View our top tips for ID’ing scams and bad business practices, and protect yourself during your big move!

scammed by moversRed Flags and How to Know if You Are Being Scammed By Movers

  1. Cash – The moment you hear cash or payment is required up front, or that cash is the only payment method – Be wary.  This is definitely a red flag word.  Even small, operable and reputable companies will accept all forms of payment.  Cash deposits or deposits of any kind are also uncommon in the moving industry.
  2. Communication – Are all of your conversations happening online? Have you talked to someone on the phone? Unfortunately technology and communicating through text, email or Facebook messages can make scams even easier.
  3. Presence – Having a presence, whether a website, BBB profile, social media or other online means – Is very important.  View reviews, see how the business operates and get great insights here!
  4. Paperwork and Credentials – Moving and storage requires a tariff and other state and federal specified documents and guidelines.  Your movers should have proof of these items, insurance and formal proof of your contract and details.
  5. Shady Business If you ever feel the moving company is misrepresenting themselves, behaving strangely or being demanding or inappropriate – Hit the brakes!

Remember, your movers are about to be in your home, around you and your family – and in control of all of your personal possessions.  Having a trusted service provider is incredibly important.  There are great ways to find deals, smaller moving companies and even independent contractors – Just make sure you do your homework and protect your investment!

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