Safe Movers Moving Safes

Say that 10 times fast!  Moving heavy safes is no easy task.

When it comes time to move, or if you simply plan on moving a safe within your home – Call our experts!

Safe Movers in Action

Recently, a customer moving out of state called upon our pros to complete their move – Including relocating a safe from their basement! This wasn’t an easy feat, with tight corners, high temps and stairs galore.  With some careful planning & proper supplies a team of 4 was dispatched to get the job done before moving day.

Moving a Safe the Right Way

Your safe is an investment and often costs thousands of dollars – And protects your most precious possessions!  On top of that, it will typically be located in a discreet area in your home.  Protecting your home and your safe from damage is a top priority -and preventing injury is a non-negotiable!

Properly moving a safe requires accurate details to plan for supplies, the proper truck and the proper crew of experts.

Preparing for our Safe Movers

These helpful tips will allow you to accurately plan and prepare to have your safe moved.  Whether you are moving to a new home or business, or simply relocating your safe to a different room – These details are critical!

  1. Decide on a location – Having a back up location (or two) is also recommended!
  2. Take your measurements! Measure your safe and all areas it will need to travel through.  This includes door ways, halls and any turns.  If in doubt, call our pros to come out for a walk through to analyze and assess the situation.
  3. Document ANY stairs – Even if only a few in a split-level style design. Don’t forget outdoor steps!
  4. Disclose any and all details (From original safe delivery to your experiences etc.)

Preparing for the day of the safe move

  1. Clean out your safe! Remove all contents (even if you are moving the safe within your own home)
  2. Properly secure any weapons or valuables in a temporary location
  3. Provide access to bolts if your safe is secured to the floor
  4. Have clear pathways to the safe and through your home