Retail Relocation

Moving a Retail Store

Retail relocation is not an easy feat!  Coordinating a schedule, planning, packing and completing a move for a retail store requires expert support.  The longer the move takes, the longer you are temporarily out of business!  Whether your store is moving to a new location, opening a new location or anything in between – Our services can be customized to meet any needs.

retail relocation

Recent Retail Project – Monica Potter Homes

In July, Monica and her crew have opened a location in the Arcade in downtown Cleveland.  The short schedule and Monica’s large quantity of great products meant we had to get to work! Since coming back to Northeast Ohio, we have worked with Monica and her team for her home and store moves – It’s always a great time!

Extensive inventory lists, proper planning and packing and a true ‘team’ mentality make Monica’s and MP Homes’ moves a success.  Coming off the heals of the Cav’s victory – It was a great day to spend in downtown Cleveland!

Planning a Retail Relocation

Here are some important factors to consider when planning a retail store move.

    • Having a concrete schedule is key.  This dictates essentially every aspect of your store move!
    • Planning for proper packing supplies
  • Coordinating utilities
  • Holding inventory shipments
  • Updating or adding addresses in marketing and paperwork
  • Planning for set up – Including products, technology, etc.

At Moving Ahead Services’ our extensive menu of options is a great fit for any size store!

  • Labor only services
  • Short and long term storage
  • Packing services
  • Packing supplies
  • Junk removal
  • Furniture placement and assembly
  • Cleaning services & more!

Plan your next retail relocation with our experts in Ohio! Call today to get started with a free, no obligation estimate!

Be sure to visit Monica Potter Homes at the Arcade, or at their Garrettsville store or shop online!