Remodel Or Move?

Should you stay or should you go?

Remodel or MoveRemodel or move is a common conundrum! Assuming your move isn’t motivated by the need to geographically change your location, the question to remodel or move is common. Endless books, calculators and resources have been dedicated to the topic!

Depending on your preferences and motivation, reviewing these key factors can typically help make the decision process easier. Either choice should not be made lightly! Both moving and remodeling are a serious commitment.

In no particular order, these common factors influence the decision to remodel or move

  • Current Needs
  • Age of your home
  • Property Size
  • Ease of Remodel (city restrictions, economic considerations)
  • Utilities (water / septic / sewer / etc)
  • Taxes
  • Design
  • Financing / Interest Rates
  • Selling and Buying power

There are definite pros and cons to each decision.

Moving can be incredibly exciting! A new home in a new area can have infinite possibilities.  However, you must also ensure you do the homework – It is a crazy market and selling includes the fees to your real estate agent, as well as any costs to make updates and ultimately relocate!

If you move locally, this can of course impact school options, commute time and most likely the home type and location you live in.

Remodeling can also be a double edged sword.  If you have survived a remodel and lived to tell – Kudos to you! Having construction happening in and around your home is no picnic.  However, the end results can keep you in a neighborhood you love, in your home, with great updates! Take care to find a reputable remodeler, and understand all costs associated before making the selection.

The decision to move or remodel will likely come up more then once over time.  As our needs and wants change, as our families change and as the world goes ’round – Having the proper information is key to making a great decision.

If and when the time does come to remodel or move, call your favorite Columbus / Cleveland / Ohio Movers for moving and/or storage!