Rain, Rain, Go Away!

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Heavy rains and less-than-desirable conditions have been striking in Cleveland and Columbus in the past few days. After a while, the poor weather gets old, and it also has a serious impact on moving plans!  For a summer that has been featuring long stretches of inclement weather, some ideas for adjusting plans can be helpful for all, whether your move is DIY or you’re hiring our pros at Moving Ahead Services.
Most moves are typically scheduled in advance with absolutely no way to predict what the weather will be like for the day. If the forecast isn’t cooperating as it becomes close to your moving day, take a few precautions to ensure that your move will still go off without a hitch.  Depending on the distance from where a moving truck can park, and where the entrance of your home is, it may be necessary to take extra care to ensure that your belongings don’t become wet during transport. Have plastic totes handy and even plastic wrap or large trash bags can help prevent cardboard boxes from becoming wet.  If you are moving items yourself, be sure to cover anything in the back of a truck to avoid any damage if the weather changes suddenly.
During wet conditions it is also important to remember to protect the surfaces in your home, both as you are moving out and moving in! Carpet and flooring protection products are available to avoid any extra cleaning later. A great tip that our team members practice uses the buddy system: One member stays inside the home and receives items while others are outside unloading the trucks. This further avoids any issues with water and mess coming into the home and still allows for efficient completion of the job! Most prefer to have items placed in the rooms that they will be ultimately occupying, and this is a great way to completely avoid tracking mud throughout the home.
As we’ve seen this past weekend and into this week, it may also be necessary to change routes if the weather is causing unsafe road conditions in certain areas. This past weekend alone many cities in and around the Cleveland and Columbus areas saw serious flooding. It is important to keep attention on current weather and closures throughout your entire route on moving day. Timelines can vary greatly if delays and detours come up unexpectedly, but safety is the number-one priority and planning is the number-one tool! By following these tips, you won’t have to worry about singing, “Rain, rain, go away!”
Take a few extra steps in your planning process or give our offices a call to cover all of the bases for your next move!

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