Safety First for Your Move

It is very important to apply the rule of safety first for your move. Even if you plan to hire professionals, chances are that you still will encounter some circumstances that require some lifting and rearranging.

Preparing your Home

In the days leading up to your move, be sure to clear all walkways, entryways and steps to ensure clear access.  Items such as toys, bags, and boxes can make for dangerous obstacles when you or your movers are carrying objects that may not allow for an unobstructed view.  Animals should also be safely secured as to avoid any injuries from tripping.

Preparing your Items

When you are packing your belongings, keep in mind that heavier items will generally go into smaller boxes. For example, avoid packing books in large boxes, as it is much more difficult to carry for your movers and also for you when you arrive at your destination to unpack. Moving Ahead Services supplies several sizes of boxes to best fit your needs.

Lifting and Carrying

If you will be lifting or carrying items, whether moving them yourself or just rearranging them for loading or after unloading, it is important to lift safely. Bending at your knees and straightening your back by tucking your chin will assist in proper form. Ensure a strong grip by utilizing your palms and avoid lifting a box by its flaps with your fingertips. This will also help with securing the bottom of the box as well. Always remember to prioritize safety first for your move.

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