How to Properly Pack a Moving Truck

Pack a Moving Truck like a Pro

Screen Shot 2015 12 21 at 8.52.12 AMPlanning, packing, selecting and organizing your moving truck on moving day can definitely be pretty complicated!  For our pros, there is a literal science for how to pack a moving truck.  If your move is all or part DIY, follow these great tips to ensure that your planning and packing lead to an easy loading process and ultimately, your moving truck being packed properly!

The Planning Phases: Having the right supplies, with the end goal in sight.  In order to properly pack a moving truck, several other necessary steps have to be completed!

  • Use the right packing materials
  • Be mindful of weight
  • Label clearly

Having the appropriate size, type and number of boxes and supplies for your move is critical.  Based on your moving walkthrough, we can recommend the number of boxes and what types to ensure that all of your items can be packed properly.  Keep in mind that heavier items need to be packed in smaller boxes typically, and any fragile items need to be wrapped and protected.  Labeling the correct way will also ensure that loading goes smoothly – You will know what is what, what is fragile, and where to put items during the unload.  Alternatively, schedule full packing services here!

Moving Day: pack your moving truck like a pro.

One of the biggest benefits to hiring movers is having an expert pack your moving truck.  We do this every day, and can quickly make sure your truck is packed the right way to prevent damage during your move!  However if you plan to DIY, there are a few key points to ensuring your load is packed the right way.

  1. Protect any surfaces!  For furniture and other large items that are not in boxes, you should use furniture pads and shrink wrap to protect the items from damage.  Even for short distances, items can shift in the truck or become damaged during the loading or unloading process.
  2. Weight is the priority!  Heavy items should go on the bottom, and any higher stacks should be secured so as not to fall on other items and cause damage.  This can include some furniture, book boxes, etc.
  3. Think Tetris.  Everything in your truck should fit together like a puzzle!  Use tie straps to ensure everything is tightly secured and unable to shift during driving.  Even the slightest turn or stop can cause your load to shift and cause quite a bit of damage.

Learning how to pack a moving truck can be tricky, but this is one of the most important aspects of your move!  Taking the time to plan, pack and load your moving truck the right way will ensure your items are safe and protected.  Contact our pros today for questions, a free moving quote and more!

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