Prepare for Your Moving Walkthrough

Moving Walkthrough

When the time comes to schedule your move, things can feel very overwhelming!  Choosing a day, time and moving company can seem like it  comes with a laundry list of items to consider.  Fear not!

Selecting your moving day and time may have to rely partially on the schedule of the company you select to complete your move.  Taking your personal schedule into consideration, do your due dilligence and research prior to selecting a moving company.  Depending on the time of year, you should plan to schedule your move 3-6 weeks in advance in order to secure your preferred time frame.

The next step is the quoting process, and for larger moves or long distance moves, this is typically accompanied by a moving walkthrough.  While many moves can be accurately quoted over the phone, it is important to answer all questions and provide any impacting details. If required, during a walkthrough representatives from your selected moving company will arrive at your home or business to discuss your move plans, and likely take an inventory of items.  A moving walkthrough accomplishes two things – the quantity and size of your household or business items will determine the size of the moving truck or trucks needed.  Secondly, the size of the move will allow your moving company to accurately quote your move, recommending the appropriate number of movers needed and the correct estimate on time.

A moving walkthrough can be a great way to ensure your pricing is accurate, and your move goes smoothly! Prepare for your moving walkthrough following the steps below.

  • Take your own quick inventory – Any items that won’t be making the move? Donate them or otherwise note or mark them to ensure they don’t get counted in your inventory during your walkthrough.
  • Have your preferred dates and back up dates available.
  • Ensure that all areas of your home, garage, shed or business are accessible.  Try to be as up front as possible!
  • Be sure to reserve a loading dock or freight elevator if your building requires movers to use it.  Some buildings do not allow moves to occur in the public elevators – even if your move in did, it’s always a good idea to check again prior to scheduling your walkthrough so that your moving company has all of the details.
  • Take any offsite storage into consideration if it needs to be incorporated.

By preparing for your moving walkthrough, your moving company will be able to provide a very accurate quote – afterall, they are the pros! Typically, your moving company will guide you through all of these steps, but this can be a helpful outline for those planning a DIY move as well.

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