Post Move Services

Post Move ServicesSometimes, frustration ensues because it seems like the process of moving never ends. You get everything transported to your new location and then find that there are still things to do, and all you want to do is be able to have your home or office ready to be used and shown off. If this sounds like a scenario you expect to be dealing with, then ask about our offered post-move services, which allow us to return to your new location and clean up any empty boxes, situate your furniture, mount pictures, assist with audio/computer hookup, or even clean up a bit. The end of a move can be the biggest obstacle because that’s when you will have the least energy or motivation, but Moving Ahead Services will help you.

If you’re a procrastinator, our post-move services might be exactly what you need, as you may reach a point where you’re going to want nothing more than to sit back and relax rather than continue sprucing up your new location. If this is the case, the little last-minute tasks that are yet to be completed may remain undone, leaving your home or office unprepared for certain functions. We are more than willing to come back to the location we moved you to and get these tasks finished for you so that you can let your mind return to other aspects of your life and move forward.

We began offering these post-moving services when we realized how beneficial they can be to the right person. People who are elderly, disabled, or alone may not have the physical abilities, knowledge, or manpower to complete certain end-of-moving tasks on their own. A widowed elderly woman, for instance, might not have anyone available to help her get her furniture positioned. An eighteen-year-old moving out of his parents’ home for the first time may need to be shown how to set up their T.V. for the first time. Whatever the case may be, Moving Ahead Services will be happy to give you assistance with getting your home or office ready for you to enjoy without the nagging worry in the back of your mind that there is still more to do.

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