Piano Moving Specialists

Piano Moving ServicesPianos are possibly one of the most beautiful and unique instruments that have been created. They produce a sound unlike any other, and those that can master the piano seem to exude a certain finesse that can’t be matched when playing other instruments. Many families pass pianos down through the generations as heirlooms or prized antiques.

Moving Ahead Services understands that pianos are more than just pieces of furniture or heavy instruments. We view pianos as classy home adornments that are symbolic of you and your family’s aesthetic values and desire to fill the world with a sweet melody.

If you have a piano that you want to bring to your new residence, we highly recommend that you call us for help, even if it’s just for that. Pianos are delicate and tricky to handle, and while we will always suggest ourselves over our competitors to service you where applicable, we really don’t trust other companies to take the proper care that our movers would exercise when moving your piano.

When we train our movers, we educate them on all sorts of aspects of all sorts of moving jobs, which includes a lesson on how to safely and securely load, transport, and unload a piano. We demonstrate exactly how to grip it, how many movers it generally takes to carry it, where to place it in a moving truck, and how to secure it to the truck so that it is not jostled around or being rubbed up against by other objects.

Let’s be honest: We would feel guilty about any item of yours being damaged, but if we damaged a piano, we would feel even worse than we would about the average object. Piano playing has become sort of a dying art that today’s youth is losing interest in pursuing. With the electronic keyboard being around, the classic, original piano often gets pushed aside. We don’t want to see the piano become obsolete, as we believe that it is an instrument of historical value that produces beautiful sound that will never be replaceable by boring electronic tones. Keeping all of this in mind, you can trust Moving Ahead Services to take special care of your piano.

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