Pets and Staging Tips

Tips for Staging and Prepping Your Home if you have Pets

Pets and staging tips aren’t quite as common as pet moving tips!  Staging your home and getting it ready for a move is already hard work.  Organizing, purging, cleaning, prepping and staging are all tasks that can have a big impact – but take a lot of time. With pets, we have to also consider their safety, sanity and messes!

Being a pet parent can be a rewarding thing.  Sharing your home with a furry critter (or few) is a great way to care for an animal, teach responsibility to kids and have some great company. Unfortunately, our pets can also complicate some situations, particularly during the selling and moving process. pets and staging tips

Recently, our experts in real estate and relocation teamed up with to provide a great list for pets and staging tips!

Pets and Staging Tips

Here are the key tips for handling your pets during the staging and selling process.

  1. Groom
  2. Quarantine (in a cozy way)
  3. Clean and maintain

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