Packing Supplies

Packing: Start with the right supplies

If you’d like your move to be stress-free, it’s essential to start with the correct packing supplies. Using industry-standard packing supplies will ensure that your move is safe and successful. 

Moving Boxes

Finding and using proper boxes will save you time and back-strain. We recommend finding strong and durable cardboard boxes that will be able to stand up to the weight of your items. If your items are too heavy to lift on your own, you may want to consider wooden crates and a professional moving company. 

Wrapping Materials

To prevent damage to your items, we suggest investing in durable wrapping material such as bubble wrap, shrink wrap, and quilted moving blankets. These items will keep your things safe while in the moving truck, or during hauling. The quilted moving blankets also serve as additional cushion and safety in case of accidents. 

Packing Paper

Paper pads and newsprint will ve useful when packing smaller items into larger boxes. These paper products will help you keep things safe during relocation and are quite light-weight. Newsprint will help keep dishware and other fragile items safe while loading them into bigger boxes. 

Packing Tape

Using industry-standard packing tape rolls will help you save time and money versus traditional tape. Packing tape will allow you to seal boxes safely, but will also come in handy when wrapping items in packing paper, and quilted moving blankets. Having a few extra rolls of great packing tape is never a bad idea! 

Mattress Bags

We highly recommend investing in a mattress bag during your move. A mattress bag will make your mattress more natural to move while keeping it spotless in the process. Mattress bags are incredibly cheap in comparison to a new quality mattress. 

The above items are the most basic moving supplies. We offer a wide variety of moving supplies for your next relocation project. Check out our store, or give our move consultants a call at (877) 643-4044.