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Old, Older, Oldest: Items to Consider When Moving into an Old Building or Home

In Cleveland, Columbus, and across the country, we are frequently requested to move items into or out of historic apartment buildings and homes. There are certain items to consider, however, as, in these instances, it is often renovations that have led to divided living quarters, and planning doesn’t typically involve considering the size of furniture or ease of access to it when done. We can provide you with more information on items to consider when moving moving into an old building or home.

Couches, exercise equipment, and beds can be difficult to maneuver around tight corners, wound staircases, and tiny quarters. If you are moving into or out of a ‘difficult’ building, be sure to request an onsite inspection to avoid any additional fees for time and issue. It is sometimes necessary to purchase split box springs, as a particular mattress size may fit but the equivalent box spring may not. Oversized couches, pianos, and exercise equipment may or may not be able to fit in certain spaces if it cannot be disassembled in any way.

Buildings that have staircase access only, or long entrance distances, can also affect the cost of your move. If your building has a service elevator, it is sometimes necessary to request use and also to confirm that no maintenance is scheduled, not to mention ensuring that the elevator is functioning. It is not uncommon that a service elevator is reserved upon our arrival, and either the move is rescheduled or manually completed, potentially negatively affecting the costs in the long run.

Historic homes and apartments can be great places to call home, even though they may be cause for extra care and planning! Give our pros in Cleveland or Columbus a call and we can answer all of your questions about items to consider and provide common situations that may arise.

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