New in Town

New in Town- Getting Around and Settling in!

Once the planning, packing, unpacking, and general moving labor is completed, it is often the first time that you can sit back and relax after months and months of preparation and execution of your move.

Being new in town, or new in a neighborhood, can be a daunting feeling that often doesn’t hit until the dust has settled. The warm weather is the perfect opportunity to be out and about and see what your city and neighbors have to offer.

Where, What, and When: Ask your moving company, or even your real estate agent, find the popular newspapers and websites in your new city. These sites will provide you with current events, family friendly attractions, and also general outdoor activities that are available in your area. In Cleveland and Columbus, the hidden treasures are endless. State and local parks, the wineries and lake front fun, amusement parks, and festivals are all great destinations that can be found in the local papers and websites.

Nice to Meet You!: Visiting all of these attractions, you will undoubtedly run into new friends and neighbors, which is a great way to start the introductions and find out a little more about the neighborhood, restaurants, local features, and more. Even just being outside in the nice weather, waving as a neighbor drives by, is a warm welcome and can often go overlooked when you are so busy and focused.

Try and Do!: Sites like Groupon and Living Social are a great means for trying new places, even if you aren’t new in town, and at a fraction of the original cost! Plan a weekend trip, a dinner out, or even just an hour-long excursion, all with the information, details, and cost right at your fingertips. These sites can also be used for locating services and professionals for any new projects.

The housework will be there and the interior projects can wait for the autumn season. Enjoy the time outside and see what your new neighborhood and city are all about! The perfect amount of productivity and play, coupled with great planning, will be the secret to a successful move!

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