Neighborhood Safety Ratings

Checking Neighborhood Safety Before you Move

neighborhood safety ratings

Neighborhood safety ratings can go a long way to influence where you may move, particularly if you have kids. Maybe you are moving across the state or across the country, or maybe you are moving just a few towns away. Either way, it’s important to check out safety information before you move!

It’s important to keep in mind that even the most “Pleasantville” towns can have safety concerns and crime pop up from time to time. Having a realistic outlook, and having an understanding of what you want to deal with and what is a non-negotiable, is critical.

3 Tips For Checking Neighborhood Safety Ratings

Tip 1: Start following the local Facebook page for the police and local government and subscribe to the online papers for the area. Get an idea of crime reports, transparency, news stories and frequent police encounters. You can get a great sense of a community from this!

Tip 2: Use online tools. There are several websites that provide a grading system to gauge neighborhood safety ratings.

Tip 3: Use government registries. Check the sex offender registry and others available in your area.

Scoping out the safety aspects of your new neighborhood can be incredibly important to deciding what areas you want to live in. Whether you are moving for work, relocating your family or downsizing seniors – Safety is a critical aspect of any living situation. Doing a little bit of homework now can save you BIG in the long run! Finding out that trendy new up and coming neighborhood is riddled with crime is a lesson to learn before you make the leap.

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