Moving Truck Rental Vs. Hiring Movers

moving truck rentalRenting a Moving Truck – All Things to Consider

Moving is no picnic! Even a simple move can be extremely stressful. While DIY moving may make sense, the costs for truck rental, etc. can still add up.  Save yourself the time and let us do some comparison for you.

Renting a moving truck is fairly easy, and like any service provider – Most vendors will ask questions and provide helpful information.  Having experience in the moving industry allows us to take that one step further and provide some additional points to consider.

Local pricing:  Factors that will influence the cost of a moving truck rental

  1. Return your truck to the same place
  2. Mileage driven
  3. Additional supplies
  4. Additional insurance
  5. Reservation notice (10 days normal, 2-3+ weeks during peak season)
  6. Returned within business hours

Other factors to consider:

  1. How much time do you have?
  2. Are you physically able to complete the tasks?
  3. Do you or a friend / family member feel comfortable driving a large truck?
  4. Have you brushed up on proper packing and loading for a moving truck?

Deciding to DIY with a moving rental truck, hiring help, or hiring movers

Option A. DIY with a moving truck rental: You rent the truck, drive, load and unload all of your belongings.

Option B. Hiring Help: With or without a rental truck, our movers can provide labor services, driving services and more.

Option C. Hiring Movers: We provide the truck, the movers and any other services you specify!

Costs to consider:

  1. Most truck rentals charge a flat daily fee – About $50 / day during non-peak season.
  2. Rentals also have a mileage fee, typically about $1 for every mile driven.
  3. Insurance may or may not be required – It’s best to call your insurance company and see what your coverage is! Add on insurance starts at about $30.
  4. Fuel charges, just like a rental car your truck must be returned with a full fuel tank.

For many, the cost of the truck (say about $150-$200 with mileage, fuel, rental fees and insurance) doesn’t make sense when you can hire moves to knock the labor out too! The costs associated with hiring professional help are very reasonable after all of these fees are taken into consideration. Our experts are able to knock out a move in a few short hours vs. an average DIY move on a 3 bedroom house that may take several days!

If you are planning a move, contact our team for a free, no-obligation moving quote or call 1-877-643-4044 today!