Moving Truck Driver for Rental

Hiring a Moving Truck Driver

Renting a moving truck for a DIY move is pretty simple. Actually driving the truck can get complicated! Hiring a moving truck driver can make sense for a variety of scenarios. Local and long distance customers schedule our drivers for peace of mind, experience and safety!

While we offer moving labor and full service moving, we also help our customers that are planning a DIY move. In a DIY move, typically our customer will pack themselves, rent their own truck and load / unload all of their belongings. If moving services are not in the budget, or if you are able to handle your move alone with ease – This can be a great option.

The biggest challenge with a moving rental truck can be driving it! Hiring a moving truck driver is a great solution.

Moving Rental Truck DriverReasons to Hire a Moving Truck Driver

Our customers schedule our drivers for many different reasons. Driving a large rental truck can definitely be scary! Further, not knowing how to operate a larger vehicle or truck can pose dangers for everyone involved, including other drivers on the road.

  • Moving trucks are much larger than a regular car, truck or SUV! The average moving truck is longer, wider and taller than a regular consumer vehicle.
  • Trucks have different mechanical nuances – Even though most are automatic, you still have to know how to operate the different features.
  • Overhead dangers! We have all seen the trucks that crash into bridges, lights, fast food signs and more.
  • Visual Limits in a truck vary, but drivers need to rely on mirrors and have a clear awareness for blindspots. Unlike a car or consumer vehicle, there is no rear window.
  • Moving typically requires being able to back up into tight spaces, often with little room for error. Reversing in a large truck can be difficult.
  • The risk of damage during transit is high in moving! This is where most damage to your belongings would occur. Unlike a car or regular vehicle, a large truck cannot hit pot holes, curbs or other road hazards that may cause items to shift and damage.
  • Load distribution and turning tricks of the trade are truly important. In a large truck, if the load shifts it can literally cause the truck to flip or fall on its side!
  • Daily distractions from other drivers on the road are a harsh reality. Folks do not think to provide extra distance and care when a rental truck is near. Driving defensively is critical!

Learn more about or moving truck driver services and get a free estimate – Make your move safe and affordable with our pros!