Moving Terms Defined

We are often asked what our different terms for things mean, so we wanted to have our moving terms defined for your own use. Here are the recent terms our professionals in Cleveland and Columbus have been asked to explain during scheduling.

Moving Terms Defined:

Additional servicesItems such as packing and unpacking, storage, furniture disassembly and reassembly, cleaning, window treatment, and picture hanging are available and typically require additional fees.

Dolly — A tool used to transport boxes and other items during loading and unloading. Special dollies are also available for large appliances and furniture.

Bubble wrap and plastic wrap —Bubble wrap is used to protect fragile items and plastic wrap is typically used to hold items together, such as table legs, during moving.

Inventory— The list of personal and home goods that are being moved.

Interstate moving — moving across a state line.

Intrastate moving — moving within the state.

As always, if any questions arise, we are available by phone or email to walk you through the process, which will hopefully be easier to understand with our moving terms defined. Our customer service combined with our endless experience is why we are a leading service provider for local and long-distance moving.

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