Moving Supplies: Tradition or Necessity?

Moving SuppliesEvery move is different, and with that comes the need for different moving supplies.  Your college apartment will likely be a whole different ballgame than your family 4-bedroom home.  Customers ask us often if the supplies are truly needed and the answer will vary from scenario to scenario.

Moving Boxes The boxes you use to move your belongings play a pretty important role.  Having used or damaged boxes can lead to items falling out and breaking or getting lost during your move.  Not having the proper size boxes can wreak havoc, and not having the proper number of boxes can leave you scrambling at the last minute! Undoubtedly the king of the moving castle, boxes are the most important of all moving supplies.

When you plan for your move, be sure to have a variety of sizes and types of boxes.  Heavy items are easier to move if you can actually lift the box! Remember to pack them in small quantities.  For clothing, wardrobe boxes can save time in both the packing and unpacking process.

Tape Tape is tape, right? Wrong!  Packing tape is strong enough to hold your boxes together, and easily removes so that you can turn your boxes in to a box recycling program, use them for storage or pass them along to a friend or colleague that is planning a move.

Packing Paper Here you can have some leeway.  The purpose of packing paper is to protect items from breaking or getting scratched while they’re in transit.  As movers, if we don’t do the packing it is difficult for us to know what will happen once an item is inside the box!  Instead of packing paper you can opt to use blankets, towels and clothing – as long as your belongings are protected.

Furniture Pads and Moving Blankets These are pretty important folks! They are expensive to rent or purchase, so in many DIY moves – this step will get skipped.  Using pads and blankets is essential and should be included in your moving supplies. While transporting furniture throughout your home, into the truck and in transit – pads and moving blankets protect from scratches and damage to wood and fabric.

Plastic Wrap The grocery store kind just won’t do the trick.  Invest in an industrial role of plastic wrap for your move!  Wrapping furniture will keep it protected in transit.  Wrap fabric, and also keep dresser drawers shut without damage. For wood floors and carpet, grab carpet shield so that you don’t have to worry about damage or removing shoes each time you come in and out.

Moving supplies play a critical role in your move! Protect your belongings, and make packing and moving easier by using the right supplies during your move.

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