The Moving Rollercoaster

Handling the Excitement and Stress of Moving

Moving stress can definitely take its toll! Even with expert moving help, a comprehensive plan and the sky as the limit – your relocation will more than likely encompass a variety of emotional and stressful factors. Handling the stress and prioritizing can quickly become overwhelming! Couple that with personal feelings that accompany big change, and you and your family may be experiencing an emotional roller coaster.

Managing Expectations and Demands

  • Physical demands of actually packing, cleaning and moving
  • Taking care of kids and pets
  • Organizational demands for scheduling, planning
  • Document obligations from paperwork, contracts, etc.
  • Every day necessities like meals, appointments, work, school
  • Emotional demands – Excitement, sadness, nervousness, stress, happiness, fear of the unknown

moving rollercoasterEven hiring moving pros does not alleviate all of the stress and commitments that accompany a move of any size.  It is OK to feel overwhelmed throughout the process, but aim to keep the focus on the positive, exciting aspects of your move. Even if everything goes according to plan, allow yourself the downtime and breaks necessary to keep your sanity in line!

Moving Like an Expert

The number one piece of advice our pros will provide is to plan ahead!  When possible, try to accomplish as many items on your ‘todo’ list in the months leading up to your move.  Clean out rooms, make arrangements – try to get anything planned and scheduled that you are able!

Second, have a clear expectation of what your move is going to entail.  Moving a home and/ or family, particularly long distances, can be a challenging task.  Keep open communication with your moving experts, and ask any questions as they arise!  Put our experience to work for you and build a timeline that is manageable for your move.

Finally, do not be tough on yourself and your family – The spectrum of emotions that accompany a move can be difficult to manage at times.  You will get settled in, and your new house will start to feel like a home!

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