Moving Quote Infographic

Moving Quote Infographic

Moving is Hard – Learn What to Expect in Your Moving Quote!

Our moving quote infographic is the perfect place to start!  If you haven’t moved in awhile, or haven’t hired a moving company before – A free moving quote is typically step numero uno.  Unfortunately, going in blind can mean that you are unprepared to answer all of the questions or simply lack a big picture view.  Plan your move and your moving estimate like an expert with this easy moving quote infographic!

Plan Your Move Like a Pro

5 Steps to an Easy Moving Estimate

  1. Choose a Date – If you select a dedicated freight service provider, the date is the day(s) you want to move – For long distance, this can span several days.  If you select a van line option, this is typically a window / time frame for pick up and delivery.
  2. Research Companies – Knowledge is power!  Research company reputations, licensing, reviews and talk with friends and family.
  3. Get a Grasp on Inventory – Leaving out information – Innocently or intentionally – Can backfire big time!  Most inventory and move details do not have a fee, but can wreak havoc on your move day if movers are not prepared.  Disclose anything and everything that may impact the time and tools needed on your move!
  4. List of Services – Moving can get complicated!  Do you need storage? Moving supplies? Junk removal or packing services?  If the company you select doesn’t offer these services, it can cost extra to hire 3rd party help!
  5. Contract & Insurance – Any reputable service provider will be very straightforward here.  Ask questions, and ensure you have a thorough understanding of what your contract entails and what your options are.

Using this guide before you start to plan your move can give you the insights necessary to make a great choice!  Selecting a company that can’t accommodate your move can increase stress and costs.  Have a refresher if you haven’t moved in a while, or if you’ve never hired movers!

Get a free moving quote today!  Click or call our experts and use our easy form to plan all of your inventory.  877-643-4044