Moving Inventory Checklist

Maximizing Your Free Moving Quote

A moving inventory checklist is a great way to provide all of the information necessary to accurately quote your move, as well as providing yourself a clear picture of what your move entails!  While it takes a few extra minutes to complete the inventory list, it is well worth the time.  Going room by room and deciding what you are moving, as well as how many of each item type, allows you to plan appropriately.  Without a moving inventory checklist it is virtually impossible to accurately plan for a move, regardless of how large or small it is.

How a Moving Inventory Checklist Helps

Knowing the types, sizes and quantities of items you are moving allows you to plan in several ways.  This can also save time and money on your move!  It is always best to provide all of the necessary information. While it may seem innocent to accidentally leave certain items off, it can cost you in the long run. It’s best to be thorough!

Factors that depend on an accurate moving inventory:

  • Size of your moving truck
  • Number of movers needed
  • Accurate amount of time
  • Quantity of supplies

Here is an example:  If you provide the appropriate furniture and appliance count for your home, we are able to quickly estimate how large of a truck and how many expert movers are needed.  We can provide you an estimate that is binding, which means there are zero hidden fees or surprises.  This also allows us to appropriately plan for the correct amount of protective pads, to ensure your items are safe during the move.

Completing an Inventory Checklist

Filling out your moving inventory checklist is easier than ever!  Our interactive online moving quote has convenient and easy fields to count the number of items that will be included in your move.  Once we receive the information, we save it along with your customer records and provide your moving estimate.

For any items not on the inventory list, or that you have additional questions about – simply call our pros!  We are available to walk you through every step of your move.