Moving In Together – Top 10 Things to Consider

Moving in togetherPlanning to Move in with your SO {Significant Other}?

Moving in together is a big step! In honor of Valentine’s Day, we polled our office. Let’s cover the top 10 things our crews suggest to consider before taking the plunge.

Top 10 Things to Consider Before Moving in Together

  1. Has your SO stood the test of time, like a significant fight, stressful family matters, etc?  Be sure you aren’t jumping the gun. Moving can be expensive and have lengthy commitments!
  2. What is your motivation? Is it practical reasons, such as cost savings? Or are you motivated to take your relationship to the next step?  While one isn’t necessarily better or worse, it’s important to recognize and make sure you are ready! Your move shouldn’t be purely motivated by financials or feel pressured.
  3. What are your non-negotiables? What are theirs? Are you able to compromise to ensure you keep the peace?  If you cannot stand dishes in the sink but your SO would rather save them up, you have to make sure you address these issues before they cause even bigger problems. From chores to what area of town you’ll live in, have these conversations ahead of time!
  4. What is the priority for location, type of home or apartment, etc? Whose job or neighborhood will take priority? Will you get a new place all together?
  5. Can your credit handle it? Moving in together means both of you will likely (should) be on a lease. It’s important to both have an investment, and also to ensure utilities are set up accordingly as well. Be up front with your landlord, get renters’ insurance and do things the right way!
  6. Financially, can you afford to move in together? We’re talking first, last and security plus all of the expenses that come along with living out in the world.  Everything should be split fairly! Make sure you can tow your weight. Which brings us to..
  7. Whose responsible for what?  Will one of you handle the shopping and other the cleaning? Whose paying rent and whose paying utilities? Have a clear plan!  Split 50/50 for easy math.
  8. What about pets and roommates? Will anyone else be sharing your space? From allergies to annoying roomies, talk it out.
  9. Who is contributing what? From furniture to movers, helpful friends and more. Moving is hard work!
  10. Be realistic. If you have been cohabitating  on and off while dating and can’t stand it, it may not be the right choice! Alternatively, while you can never be 100% certain, we all have a pretty good idea as to what is a good idea!

Moving in together is a big step and can be an exciting time! Having a great plan in place is key.