Moving Gifts that Make Sense!

Moving GiftsWhether you’ve got a new neighbor next door or you have a friend or family member getting ready to make a move – Moving gifts are a great way to spread some cheer during a stressful time!

Food Many default to fast food or quick pizza on moving day, so a great way to make a big impact is through the stomach! If you have time, make a crock pot meal, casserole, lasagna, etc. and deliver it on moving day. Go the extra mile and bring paper plates, plastic silverware and make sure it is ready to serve! This can be a huge help.

Alternatively, grab a gift card and menu to your favorite local spot that delivers! Whether it is pizza or something else, the gesture will be appreciated. The last thing folks think about is regular meals during the chaos of moving, so any little bit helps!

Cleaning and DIY Supplies You can’t go wrong here! Whether you put together a small tool box with nails, hammer, screwdrivers and other common moving tools – Or opt for cleaning supplies. Either way, this is stuff that will likely be packed up and needed during the moving process or right after.

Personalize it! With Etsy and other DIY for a price sites, personalized gifts are easier than ever. Make their new house feel like home with a custom doormat, a personalized cutting board, wall décor and more.

Go Green Grab a plant or flower to commemorate moving day! Watching it grow will be a great reminder of the time spent in their new home.

Offer to help! Even those that hire our moving pros can use the helping hands. Whether it is to help watch kids or pets, or to coordinate, pack or just for company – Hanging out on moving day can be a great, free way to lend a hand.



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