Holiday Moving

Holiday Moving Services & Tips
Believe it or not, many individuals plan their moves during the months of November and December – and this time of year is also a common time for our military and corporate relocation clients to move.  Things seem to tend to slow down for many at work, kids get breaks from school, beneficial home sale and purchase incentives and moving prices are typically slightly lower than during the peak summer months!  This makes November and December a great time to plan for packing and moving.

holiday movingKeep the cheer for your big move! Holiday moving can be stressful business, but having trusted experts and using these great tips can definitely lighten the load and keep the cheer in your upcoming move!  Just because your holiday season may be different this year than years past, doesn’t mean you can’t have a memorable time with your family – Even if you are on the move!


Holiday Moving Tips

  1. Try to plan ahead as much as possible!  Organize, pre-pack, label and donate any items that you do not need.  During the holidays many local organizations collect gently used clothing, books, toys, household items, linens and more for families in need.  This can be a great way to reduce the packing tasks and give back at the same time!

2. Meal Prep – Holiday moving can wreak havoc on ‘normal’ plans.  If you typically host dinner with your family, suggest a change of scenery and make reservations to dine at an area establishment – Many hotels and restaurants provide dinner on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as well! Alternatively, ask have it at another family member’s house this year.  Offer to help as much or as little as you can comfortably (re: sanely) swing.

3. Decorations – have a plan and make sure kids understand!  This year you may not have the giant Christmas tree, or many decorations at all.  If items are packed up, it likely makes the most sense to leave them that way.  Get out essentials, like stockings, but keep everything else packed and labeled for the move.  make sure kids know that you have kept Santa updated on the plans!

As an alternative to decorating during holiday moving, visit local stores and displays instead. This is an easy (and often free) way to get that holiday cheer fix without the extra work.

3. Gifts  – plan early! Keep it simple this year.  Use online retailers that offer wrapping and shipping services, and keep it easy for this holiday season.  For the kiddos, try to shop ahead or plan for a dedicated day to knock it all out at once.  Use a staging area at home or at a loved ones to hide/wrap your gifts, and remember to be conscious of your timeline depending on where the holiday falls to your moving day!

4. Plan out parties and commitments. Your holiday schedule may start to resemble a calendar on steroids in no time at all!  Remember, you do not have to say yes to every single invite – But for the get togethers you do want to attend, just have a clear schedule planned out.  Instead of home cooking, offer to bring other essential items – Drinks, desserts and other easy items can be purchased locally and save you time!

Holiday moving may seem scary, but with some patience and some holiday cheer – Your move can go off without a hitch!  Remember to slow down, keep kids in the loop and enjoy the season – Everything will come together! Start with a free moving quote today.


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