Moving During Holidays

moving during holidaysPacking and Moving Through the Holiday Season

Moving during holidays and winter months isn’t the perfect scenario.  The weather, increased holiday festivities and overall stress and expenses can make moving overwhelming this time of the year. Take it from us, there are ways to ease the pain! Here are top tips for moving during holidays and how to stay sane!

Top 5 Tips for Moving During Holidays

  1. Skip the decorations  Whether you are moving before or after the holidays, plan to skip decorating this year. Grab a few favorites if they are easily accessible from storage. Keep in mind the more you decorate, the more that needs packed for the move! Plan ahead to have proper storage for ornaments, your tree, etc.
  2. Skip hosting dinner.  Pass the baton on hosting holiday meals this year.  This will save time and money, not to mention stress.  Focus on your move and getting organized – Not on grocery shopping, decorating, cleaning, hosting, entertaining etc.  Just for this year!
  3. Schedule Well.  Moving can be difficult to schedule during the holidays.  Prioritize events and commitments, and talk with a moving company early on!  Plan back up dates for weather issues and unplanned surprises. Schedule travel early! Keep an eye on school schedules and work deadlines. Everything goes into a tailspin during the holidays!
  4. Adventure Out Moving during holidays can be the perfect excuse to venture out and explore. Plan to dine out, play and enjoy. This is a great way to check out your new area, but also to alleviate the stress and enjoy the holidays some.
  5. Ask for Help. It’s the season of giving!  Don’t be shy – Many friends and family will be more than happy to donate a few hours.  Think childcare or pet sitting, meeting vendors, packing, etc. Call in those favors!

The holiday season is a favorite for many, and moving can be done cheerfully!  A few sacrifices this year will set you up for success in your new home in the year to come.  Happy Holidays!