Moving Containers

Moving Container – Is it For You?

Think of a moving container as a portable storage unit brought to you at the location of your choosing. You load it with your belongings, and it either stays with you until you’re ready to move, or the container company moves it off-site for you until they deliver it to your new location. The recognizable commercial brands on the market include PODS, Mobile-Mini, Go-Mini, and Pack-Rat, among others.

Moving Container – One of Many Options

When making a choice among service providers for help with your move, the container option is a standpoint between the extremes of the basic “do-it-yourself” move and a full-service move. It is one of several options for balancing convenience and cost. If you don’t need a full-service move, you may consider getting help for your specific needs: hiring labor, renting storage, purchasing packing materials, packing and crating, junk removal, handyman services, and vehicle relocation. 

A Place to Put a Moving Container

A moving container on your property can be more convenient than going to a storage facility, but with one limiting factor: you need a driveway or other designated space on the street. If not, most moving container companies offer off-site storage space for your container until it’s delivered to your current or new location. Considering placement limitations, renting a moving container can be a reasonable choice over traditional storage units.

Consider the following factors as you decide whether a moving container is right for you:

Time and Flexibility of a Moving Container

Do you need more time moving from your current place to your new location? A moving container can be a great option if you have to remove your belongings, but can’t move them into a new space immediately. You may have painting or remodeling work that precludes an immediate transfer of goods from one location to another. Or, unfinished construction dictates your move-in date is fluid, and you want access to your items. A moving container avoids having to use a temporary storage unit in a location that may not be convenient.  It also avoids having to move your belongings twice: first into an off-site unit, and again out of the unit).

Immediate Access to a Moving Container

Do you need access to your items at all times?  When a container company places the unit at your location, you can access your belongings conveniently. Contrasting this option with a typical storage facility, a moving container can be a good option without having to drive to a facility. If you can place the container on the street, within city ordinance guidelines, you can use the container as interim personal storage over the short term. The benefit, in this case, is you move items into storage once and not a second time when you’re ready to move items into your new location.

Urban residents will have more difficulty finding a place to put the container versus suburban or rural residents, and street placement usually requires a permit or permission from the local government. Obtaining that permission can be a hassle and an extra step that you don’t want to endure while planning your overall move.

Cost of a Moving Container

Generally speaking, a moving container is less expensive than a full-service move and more costly than a typical storage unit. Also, a container is usually more costly than a traditional storage unit in a fixed facility. (Click here to explore Moving Ahead Services’ solutions, including short- and long-term storage in our secure, climate-controlled warehouses.)

In addition, the container company transports the container.   A trained professional drives, operates, and coordinates the operation, leaving you without the worry of managing a heavy truck. People also have used containers for reasons other than moving, including storage for furniture at a current home during a basement finishing or home remodeling. Your items stay on your property; you’re essentially renting additional space on your driveway.

If the POD or container is kept outside on your location and not in the off-site storage facility, it is susceptible to weather and environmental conditions. Rain, wind, insects, and rodents can find creative ways of ‘getting in’. Make sure you’re comfortable with your container’s quality, especially if you plan on keeping it over the long-term.

Once you have chosen to use a moving container, consider the following to make the process easier for you:

Hire Packing Help for a Moving Container

Moving Ahead Services is a premier, full-service mover. We can do the whole job for you, or we can customize the job for your needs. Do you need help with packing? We can come to you with the best professional crew in the business.

Hiring Lifting Help for a Moving Container

Do you need help only with loading heavy items into your container? Again, we can customize a quote to suit your needs, even if you don’t need our full-service option. 

Hire a Driver for your Move

Do you have goods going to multiple locations? We also have truck drivers for hire if you’re not comfortable driving a large truck. 

Hire a Handyman for your Move

Do you need items disassembled and then reassembled in your new location? Moving Ahead Services expertly handles both residential and commercial items, including furniture and electronic equipment. 

Hire Custom Help

Do you have special items that need custom-built packing crates? Moving Ahead Services specializes in custom crating for your oversized items, artwork, instruments, or odd-shaped items that require extra care in ensuring a safe move.

A moving container offers a flexible option and can be a useful tool in your plan for a successful move. However, knowing what is right for you can be a lot to process. Contact Moving Ahead Services today for help deciphering what will work best for you. Our experienced customer service managers will patiently answer your questions about the moving industry, the different options available, and make suggestions to help you get the moving help you need at the right price. Call us today!