Moving Company vs. Moving Lead Broker

How to Find a Mover and Not a Lead Broker

Lead broker sites are gaining more and more traction, often confusing individuals looking for movers online! The times have changed and navigating the internet and websites is more confusing that ever before. We have seen a serious influx of lead aggregators competing in advertising space – And there is a serious difference in the process and the way things work!

What are Lead Brokers

lead brokerIt is common to go to Google to search for a moving company.  For many searches, you will receive a combination of results that include actual moving companies, and then lead broker websites.  Broker sites appear to be a moving company, but disclose in the fine print that the company does not provide service. They may even advertise that you can ‘shop for the perfect company’ or compare rates. The broker site typically collects your information using a form process, and then proceeds to sell the leads to individual moving companies in the local area. Often, many broker sites have multiple websites and are sharing information across their network of leads collected.

The minute you push the send button on a form on a lead broker site, it is common to receive an influx of calls and/or email responses from all of the local companies that are ‘buying’ your lead.  They receive an instant notification and then immediately follow up.

When Could a Lead Broker be Beneficial?

A lead broker makes money by selling the leads it collects.  Just like a company may pay for an Adwords ad, the broker site pays for that click and then turns around and can sell it 10+ times to various moving companies in the area. For some individuals, this can be an easy way to select a moving company with very little effort.

If you choose to use a lead broker site, it is important to be prepared! Callers will provide information on next steps to book your move. This can be a cost efficient way to compare rates, but it can be time consuming if you have to compare multiple companies.

What’s the Downside?

Lead broker sites may or may not screen the companies they are selling the leads to.  Sites like Home Advisor or Angie’s List do a pretty great job at screening companies that participate in their lead programs.  Unfortunately, there are also many websites out there that sell leads blindly to participants. It is very critical to still compare companies, read reviews and do your due diligence. Verify licensing, insurance and all other credentials.

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