Moving Box Tips for Your Next Move

Planning for your moving day can seem overwhelming, and details can often be forgotten, ultimately adding to the difficulty and time spent during your move. Planning ahead for your boxes can help avoid a last-minute trip, and also provide adequate space for your belongings!  Keep in mind our moving box counts and guidelines for your next move.

Student Apartment – Roughly 1 Bedroom Dorm -10 Small Boxes, 5 Medium Boxes, 5 Large Boxes-  Large boxes are typically used for bedding, towels, and other light items, especially if you are doing the moving yourself! Avoid loading heavy items into the large boxes.

1-2 Bedroom House-  15 Small Boxes, 15 Medium Boxes, 10 Large Boxes, 5 Extra Large Boxes, 3 24” Grand Wardrobes w/ Bars- It is a good idea to purchase the wardrobe boxes if you have an abundance of hanging storage space at your home. The wardrobe boxes avoid the extra work of removing, folding and then re-hanging the items at your destination! Clothing and coats are also kept organized and protected.

3-4 Bedroom House-  45 Small Boxes, 45 Medium Boxes, 20 Large Boxes, 10 Extra Large Boxes, (6) 24” Grand Wardrobes w/ Bars. Utilize your small and medium boxes for dishes and books, and other items that can tend to get heavy when packed in excess.

3000+ sq. ft. Household-  45 Small Boxes, 60 Medium Boxes, 45 Large Boxes, 20 Extra Large Boxes, 4 Dish Barrels, (12) 24” Grand Wardrobes w/ Bars. Custom crating and other specialty packaging and transport options are also available, being especially useful for large items.

Moving Ahead Services also recommends having ample amounts of tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper on hand for your move! If you have questions regarding your home or office move, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

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