Corporate Relocation

Moving Around: 6 Corporate Relocation Tips

Corporate relocation can be an exciting prospect or a daunting one depending on the employee, the circumstances, and of course the location. Often, it’s a mixture of emotions. It can be sad to leave one place behind, but appealing to start a new chapter at the same time.

The ultimate goal is to make sure things go as smooth as possible, to make it a seamless experience for both the employee and your company. This isn’t always easy to do. Things, go wrong, accidents happen—such is life.

But there are a few steps you can take to minimize the stress and confusion involved and to streamline the entire process. Read on for six must-see tips about the employee relocation process.

1. Give Them Plenty of Heads Up

Corporate relocation is not something you want to spring on an employee. This will force them to rush their relocation and leave them feeling they’re not ready for this big change. For this reason, it’s a good idea to try to give employees as much advance notice as you possibly can about any upcoming relocations.

2. Offer Ample Support

When moving employees to a new location, it’s essential you have supports in place to help them every step of the way. This could be anything from putting them in touch with their new manager to arranging their transport. Make sure that they know they can contact you with any questions or concerns they have about the move—this will make it a lot less stressful for everyone involved.

3. Make a Moving Checklist

Creating a moving checklist is something your employee will probably want to do themselves, on a personal level, but you can also provide a similar resource for the practicalities of moving. This may include things like getting their new key cards, meeting their new team, getting a parking spot, and moving all their belongings. A new office will necessitate a whole lot of things to arrange and get to grips with.

4. Get Help from Professionals

At every step of the corporate relocation process, there are services you’ll be able to hire to make things a little bit easier. You can hire a realtor to help them look for a new home, a cleaning service to help get their new and old apartments looking spic and span, and a moving service, to ensure their belongings get safely from point A to point B.

5. Coordinate With Their New Team

Just like you should give your employees plenty of heads up, you will need to inform their new office in good time as well. Make sure they’re prepared for their new employee’s arrival and everything is in place. Logistics like paperwork and practicalities like seating should all be thought out.

6. Arrange a Tour

Starting at any new office is daunting. Even if it’s within the same company. You may want to arrange for someone to give your employee a tour, and even to buddy up with them for the first few weeks to be there to answer any questions they have.

Corporate Relocation Made Easy

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