Moving and Storage

Moving and Storage

Perhaps the perfect marriage, coupling moving and storage plans can come in handy for a variety of moving situations. Whether you are planning a DIY move and need storage solutions, or your pro movers are handling the heavy lifting and have available storage options – The option to choose storage solutions for your move process can be a true life saver.

Moving and Storage

Short Term Storage Options

Several scenarios can call for short term storage during your big move! Sometimes real estate transactions don’t go according to plans and either as a buyer or seller, you need a point for an in between solution. Alternatively, for temporary job assignments or short term living arrangements, storage can be a way to keep your belongings in a safe place without needing to move everything with you.

There are a variety of types of short term storage. From portable PODs or other similar carton-storage systems, to outdoor storage and protected climate controlled storage. For our customers, the options are endless! However, if your current living arrangements aren’t conducive to a POD-type solution, take comfort and convenience from our onsite storage solutions across our offices in Ohio.

Long Term Storage Moving and storage requiring a longer timeline can quickly become overwhelming. In addition to the costs pertaining to your move, you now have to figure out storage solutions to accommodate your belongings during the transition. Many customers need long term storage while they are away for work, or as a solution during remodeling and other similar situations where your belongings just can’t be in your home.

While there are a variety of long term storage options out there – Trusted, on-site and accessible solutions are a great option for Moving Ahead customers. Our offices have storage directly accessible, allowing us to retrieve belongings for you if needed – and to load your items for delivery at the drop of a hat.

Schedule Moving and Storage Bundling services during your move can save you money, time and stress! Talk with your moving expert here at Moving Ahead, and allow us to give you all of your options.   Make your move an easy one!

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