Moving After 55

Moving After 55: What’s Your Next Move?

Moving after 55Moving after 55 can be an exciting, stressful and liberating time for many! Different periods of our lives are often accompanied by a variety of life changes.  Focusing on the positive aspects is absolutely essential, but maintaining a big picture view is critical. This begs the question, What’s Your Next Move? 

Your health, relationships, family, financials and work will play a vital role in the decisions you make in the coming years.  To make the transition easier, we have put together a list of the top 5 things to consider for planning for the future at or around the age of 55.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Yes, we just went there – and with good reason! Your relationships will likely have a large influence on your life at any point, and particularly in the latter years.  Whether you are happily single or happily married, divorced, widowed, dating or any combination of the above – Your life plans and goals are absolutely influenced.  Deciding a priority and having your significant other on board is essential. Where will you live? When will you retire? What other major life changes are on the horizon? Whether you are making these decisions alone or as part of a couple, the conversation should be started early and had often!

All Work And No Play

If the cards have played out in a positive fashion, retirement should hopefully be in view! Retirement may look different for each of us. Perhaps you want to retire, live off investments and relax! Maybe traveling the country is your dream. Part time work or volunteering may be another great option.  Either way, you have worked hard and it’s time to really make it a goal to start enjoying life.  Put together a priority list of things you have always wanted to experience – not a bucket list, but a LIFE LIST! 

Family First or Family by Flight

Living near to family certainly has its’ perks.  This is especially common if you have younger grandchildren or any dependent that may need your assistance.  However for many, this is also very commonly a great time to decide to relocate. This may mean moving south or west, or just simply moving somewhere you’ve always wanted to live!

Conversely, this could mean you finally get to retire and move to be near loved ones! Location is absolutely a consideration for those moving after 55 or similar.

Downsize and Simplify or Upsize and Enjoy

Decluttering your life can have many meanings to many individuals.  Most commonly, now is the time to downsize and simplify your life.  However, on the contrary, for some now is the time to upsize, organize and enjoy that beautiful home or condo you have always desired!

Chances are either way you have come to realize that it is the moments we collect and hold dear, and not necessarily the material things.  Whatever this means for you, having professional aid can certainly be an asset!

Health and Wellness

Last but certainly not least, your health and medical needs are absolutely important to take into consideration. Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies may not exactly reflect how we feel in our minds.  Eat well and take care of yourself – And decide how large a role your health will play in deciding your future goals.

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