Movers at the White House

Inauguration Day AKA White House MOVING DAY

Regardless of your political affiliation, inauguration day is celebrated worldwide for a variety of reasons.  Here, we like to recognize the official MOVING DAY for the United States’ top address, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

In many recent news stories, there have been quite a few takes on the footage near the White House, as well as near to the Obama families new home in DC.  Many are critiquing, and there seems to be a few points to cover!

Either way, this is DC’s most prestigious address and movers are tasked with arguably the most high stress client on the planet!

Many are calling out the footage of furniture being moved on White House property White house movers

  1. Furniture not wrapped / protected / padded
  2. Not using proper furniture dollies
  3. Not movers!?

The assumption is that due to security precautions, these may or may not be professional movers. These folks could be internal employees, tasked with relocating heirloom furniture, potentially with little to no experience doing so!

It is possible to wrap and protect items once in the moving truck, however unlikely and not typically recommended due to the potential for damage to the furniture or damage to the home!

Another alternative is that the items could not be wrapped for security purposes, so as not to conceal anything throughout the move… We may never know!

white houseThe Unload, from White House to Tudor

The Obama’s new address seems to have a much different picture going on!

  1. Wrapped and properly protected
  2. Protected from the rain / elements
  3. Labeled and organized

Call us crazy, but we don’t see any Presidential family organizing or packing – so it certainly seems this was handled by someone with experience.

Moving day is stressful for most, but the task of moving into or out of the White House has got to top the list!