Move Cleaning Checklist

move cleaning checklistDon’t let the cleaning chores sneak up on your during your move plans!  Whether you plan to hire pros or DIY – our cleaning experts at Moving Ahead teamed up with Angie’s List to share a move cleaning checklist!

Check out some great insider tips below, or view and download the full checklist here.

Why plan for cleaning before, during and after your move? Whether you are renting and need to give your keys back to a landlord – Or your home is selling – Cleaning is likely a part of the deal.  The final transfer in a sale will likely include the house be cleaned, and in a renting scenario, your landlord can refund part or none of your security deposit depending on their discretion.  Don’t lose out!

Move related cleaning is not as easy as everyone thinks.  While it seems with nothing to clean around the tasks should go fast – You have to remember that there is still more to clean!  Empty rooms can take awhile, depending on the size and state as well as your regular cleaning habits.

Before moving day plan to tackle some tasks to lessen the load after you move out

  • Make sure you schedule your cleaning plans around your moving plans
  • Try to get rid of things you don’t use! Donating during moving is a great way to clean out clutter and help the community
  • Clean any empty rooms follow the move cleaning checklist – so long as you can close the door and are sure they won’t get re-dirtied during or before your move.
  • Clean things that you won’t likely dirty before or during your move! 
    • Clean windows and dust blinds
    • Scrub shower tile and baths
    • Run your oven and dishwasher through self-cleaning
    • After kitchen packing, clean drawers and cabinets
    • Dust any shelving and light fixtures
    • Dust ceilings and corners to get rid of cobwebs
  • Don’t clean floors and walls yet! These are likely to get dirty before and during your move. 

After you move your belongings, start on the move cleaning checklist here!

  • Before you start to clean, do a last-check to ensure you grabbed all of your belongings
    • Double check sheds, garages, closets and crawl spaces
    • Put any left behind items directly into your car
    • Put any trash at the curb
  • Your cleaning supplies are easily kept in a box, and move with you from room to room!
  • Choose a starting point, and go through one by one following the move cleaning checklist
  • Save the floors for the very last.
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