How We Move Christmas Trees

Oh, Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree, how will I move you successfully?

What are you supposed to do when you prepare to move to a new home and realize that you threw away the box for your move christmas treesChristmas Tree? Well, if Moving Ahead Services is in charge of your move, you can simply leave it to us! We know exactly how to move Christmas trees so that they remain safe and intact.

Where to Start

First, we will remove any lights that are on the tree to prevent the bulbs from breaking or the cords from tearing. This also help ensure that the tree has no way to catch fire. We will also remove any glass ornaments. All of these items will be packed safely in a box with packing paper and bubble wrap to protect them. Then, we will wrap your tree tightly so that none of its branches are protruding in an obstructive way. This will also help the tree to takes up less space. This also makes the tree easier to carry and maneuver. By wrapping the tree the unbreakable ornaments that may already be on the tree will stay where they are without falling off or being knocked around.

Wrap that Tree

From there, it is up to you whether we pack the wrapped tree in a box or load it onto the truck. We will set it upon a furniture blanket to keep it from rolling around and getting dirty or damaged. You are usually better off having the tree loaded without a box. Our selection of boxes is limited in terms of what will fit a tree. If you have a smaller tree, we may be able to fit it into one of our large boxes.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, right? If you did throw your original box away, save your frustration for something more worthwhile. We can promise that your tree will be moved safely and smartly from your current home to your new one no matter what. Being able to move Christmas trees is an added benefit with Moving Ahead Services. If your tree is not making the cut, there is always the option to part ways and start with a new tree, learn more here.

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