It’s Time to Move Again

This beautiful day is a reminder that the end of the college semester is nearing and undoubtedly another round of packing, hauling, and storing everything approaches. It’s time to move again! As college students, the norm is to move into the area in the beginning of the semester and move back out at the end. Our offices annually move hundreds of Ohio State students alone! Now is the time that everything is brought back for summer, and any seasoned veteran will be the first to exclaim, “It’s time to move again?!”

In recent years, we have had the pleasure of assisting parents and students to relocate, store, and even pack their belongings, avoiding many of the typical headaches along the route.  Moving Ahead Services offers a wide range of services to accommodate schedules and budgets, whether moving within Ohio or from across the country. We also have a reliable network of storage options that allow us to best represent the choices. Perhaps it makes more sense to store larger items for a few months rather than transport them home over a long distance.

Our professionals are eager to begin the summer and assist in the transition for college students. Our best asset is our years of experience, and we love the opportunity to answer questions and best determine a plan of action. So, yes…It’s time to move again, but Moving Ahead Services is here to help.


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