Marriage and Moving

Tying the Knot and Moving

Marriage and moving

Marriage and moving often coincide, with the two major life events sharing many similar motivations. The key to choosing your dream home or fresh new apartment is to have a solid understanding of all the considerations! As if you don’t have enough going on surrounding wedding planning and nuptials, planning a move efficiently can save some headaches!

Decisions, Decisions – Marriage and Moving Considerations

For many couples, taking the official step to marriage is a time to combine and conquer. Even if you were living together before, it is still common for couples to want to move and get ready for the future.


Talking with your SO to determine the size and type of home or apartment is essential.  If you are combing all of your belongings or just need to accommodate all those wedding gifts, your new home will likely be larger and able to serve its’ purpose now and in the future. Have a clear plan and budget!


Are you a city dweller and your SO more a fan of the ‘burbs? Talking about the location is one of the most important conversations.  Even just considering a local move, the distance from work, potential future school systems and a variety of other factors come into play. Long-distance relocations typically involve many more considerations. Talk through them!


Whether you have kids now or plan to in the future, having children absolutely influences most marriages and moving decisions. From school systems to proximity to family and more – Planning for your family needs now as well as your future plans are important.


Career plans, commute times and other factors are also commonly considered before planning a move – And considering your significant other is essential.


Whatever your style, whether you combine finances, share goals or simply compliment each other – The financial conversation is a big one to have for marriage and for moving!

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