Long Distance Moving

One of our specialties at Moving Ahead Services is long distance moving, which we can schedule and take on easily. Our trusted professionals provide loading services, transport, and then the final unloading services at your destination. In the planning process, we take several factors into consideration to ensure that we provide the best possible pricing and information for your next move.

Distance: Not only does the amount of travel time factor in to the overall timeline of your move, but we also take special considerations to ensure the complete safety of our team members and your belongings. We follow specific rules for the number of hours our drivers can travel in a day and we are always sure to research safe and secure stopping points for the time between.

Route:  This is an important part of our planning that can often go overlooked when completing a move yourself or hiring a less experienced company! It is very important to ensure that the route to your destination allows access for the truck size that is being used. Bridges, power lines, and detours can be difficult challenges that require careful planning and consideration.

Destination: Since your new home is not in a local area that we can visit, we pay careful attention to detail when receiving a description for the destination. Location, setup, and access are important factors that can affect the overall cost of your next move. Factors such as parking accommodations for our moving trucks and distance to be walked for unloading are discussed to ensure that the move is completed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

When you are planning a long-distance move, it is important to ensure that proper care is taken for all aspects of the relocation. Many factors can affect the potential plans and our team is always happy to provide information about long distance moving.


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