Long Distance Moving Options

Following our announcement that Moving Ahead Services is now an Interstate Agent for Stevens Van Lines, our current and future customers may have some questions!  

Follow this Q and A for some great questions, and of course – Give us a call for more information!

Q1: Does Stevens Van Lines own Moving Ahead Services now? 

A1: No,  Moving Ahead Services is still independently owned and operated by Jeff Collins.

Q2: What does ‘An Interstate Agent’ mean? 

A2: As an Interstate Agent for Stevens Van Lines, we have agreed to work in tandem to serve our long distance customers and the long distance moving customers at Stevens.  We now have access to Stevens’ resources and technology as well as their talented and dedicated support staff.

Q3: Am I talking to Stevens Worldwide or Moving Ahead Services? 

A3: Moving Ahead Services’ expert moving and planning professionals are still at the end of the phone line or inbox.  You get the same great personalized support on every single MAS move.

Q4: What are the new options?

A4: Now, when you call Moving Ahead Services for a long distance moving quote, you will receive two options

Option 1: Moving Ahead Services dedicated long distance moving plans. With this option, you get a specific move date, a specific delivery date, and your items stay in our care from start to finish.

Option 2: If your schedule is more flexible, you can opt to have a delivery window and work with the Stevens Worldwide network.  This is a great way to save money, and is a good fit for many individuals’ move plans! This means your items may be loaded with other items going to a nearby destination, driven by a Steven’s Worldwide driver.

All details and information are all provided when you call for your free moving quote!

Q5: What about local moving services?

A5: Our local moving options at Moving Ahead Services remain exactly the same as before.

Q6: Why did Moving Ahead Services choose Stevens Worldwide?

Q6: The mutual decision for Moving Ahead Services and Stevens Worldwide van lines to partner is beneficial to everyone involved.  Our great Ohio customers get more options than ever, and for us – We have the ability to work with industry experts that have been successfully moving customers for over 100 years.

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is family owned and operated, and their service experts have been absolutely amazing to work with.

Q7: What about the trucks?

Q7: You may notice that some Moving Ahead Services trucks have Stevens Worldwide decals on them!  These trucks are for long distance moving, but still may be in your neighborhood or at your local move! All trucks are property of Moving Ahead Services, and if you have questions at any time – Do not hesitate to ask your moving professionals.

For additional information or questions regarding your moving plans, please call our offices today!  1-877-643-4044.


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