Long Distance Moves

Moving to a New City

Long distance moves can be a whirlwind of stress and excitement. Many long distance relocations are motivated by big life changes. New jobs, family, military relocations and other factors will often accompany a big move! Being prepared for the move both physically and mentally is incredibly important for starting off on the right foot.

Long Distance Moves and Planning

Actually planning and moving requires organization and a level head. Developing a time frame for your move and taking care of the details in Point A and Point B are the foundation. The logistics are even easier to tackle with expert help!

5 Long Distance Moving Tips

1. De-clutter and organize – Get rid of things you don’t or won’t need
2. Pack and label properly or hire experts
3. Cancel any memberships and take care of utilities and housing related items in your current locale
4. Set yourself up for success in your destination – Housing, utilities, job requirements, etc.
5. Have a very clear travel schedule and moving itinerary

Mentally Preparing for a Big Move

Checking out a new city can be incredibly exciting and SCARY. Preparing for your new city is essential to a happy relocation!

After the actual move, getting a grip on your new surroundings and settling in is a whole different ball game.

SLong distance moverettle in by setting realistic goals. Develop a priority list! Unpack the essentials but give yourself time to settle in and enjoy. Finish moving related tasks as time goes by.

Meet new people. Aside from a new job, meeting new friends can be intimidating in a new city. Volunteer, go to group events, network and explore!

Subscribe to local news and magazines. Top attraction lists, new restaurants and other great activities will be featured and will help to navigate around town.

Put social media to work. Check out Facebook and LinkedIn for friends and acquaintances that live in your new city! Many transplants are excited and willing to help show new locals around town.

With over 35 million Americans moving annually, long distance relocation is more common than you may think!  Put these tips to work for your move, and keep them in mind when a new co-worker arrives in your office or you meet a new local around town. 

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