Long Distance Moving

Hiring a Long Distance Mover

Finding a long distance mover can be easy if you know where to start! A few quick Google searches just will not do the trick. When it comes time to plan your move out of state, a variety of factors need to be taken into consideration. This one stop shop guide to choosing a long distance mover will make it easy!

Long distance mover

Getting Started: The Basics of Choosing a Long Distance Company

Whether friends and family have recommendations or you are starting your search from scratch – It is critical to cover the fundamentals before hiring a long distance moving company!
Here are the four basic questions to start with
Licensing and Insurance: Is your long distance mover properly licensed and insured to complete out of state or long distance moves?
Communication and Availability: Is the company responsive, communicative, friendly and up front?
Reputation: How are online reviews across the web?
Service Commitment: Different moving companies are structured in different ways. It is important to ask – Will your movers be contracting out to third party services, or completing your move from start to finish?

The Red Flags of Disaster

If at any time you feel like the service representatives are hiding information or otherwise failing to paint the full picture, it is more than likely a good time to start over elsewhere. A reputable long distance mover will provide all of the information up front – When we are planning a long distance move, every single detail is disclosed during our discussions, as well as in writing in your contract.

It is important to remember what all a long distance move entails – You are trusting a service provider to take your belongings from Point A to Point B, sometimes with days or weeks in between. It is important to choose a company with thorough employee screenings, high training standards and quality equipment. While the details of your move are unique, experience in planning a long distance move translates across any state, and any size move. As the experts, it is our responsibility to provide all of the relevant details and potential scenarios – After all, we are the ones that do this everyday!

Pricing and Payment

Hiring a long distance mover will typically cost more than a local move for a variety of reasons.

  • Distance
  • Size of the Move
  • Time of the Year
  • Added Services

While it is important to keep price in mind, it is also important to remember that the least expensive is not always the best option. If one moving quote is alarmingly less than others, consider asking about any additional potential fees for travel, fuel, equipment and up-charges.

Our binding long distance estimates are thorough, taking all of the details into consideration, and will not change before, during or after your move. Be wary of companies that require payment in cash, or payment before your move begins!

Plan your long distance move like a pro For many moving long distance this year, finding a reputable long distance mover can be a daunting task. Start planning your long distance move with the experts at Moving Ahead Services today! Give us a call, or start your free online moving quote here.