Tampa Moving & Living Tips

Living in Tampa: Fun Places & Public Services

Congratulations!  You’ve arrived in Tampa and your move is complete.  If you chose the professional, expert movers at Moving Ahead Services, you’re relishing in the fact that all of your items arrived safely, the move was overall stress-free, and you enjoyed working with the bright and personable moving crew assigned to your job.   Now that you’re living in Tampa, what should you do after your move?  Should you explore fun places or public services? Well, the smart idea is to call the utility companies, connect your Wi-Fi, line up your trash and recycling days, locate your closest grocery stores, and route your best path to commute to work.  Of course, these tasks would be after you unpack, arrange furniture, and discard your bubble wrap.  It’s a lot to do!

Instead of the smart idea, what about the not smart idea?  What would be a better, nonconventional use of your time, that is less about being productive and more about having fun in your new city?  We suggest you explore the best of Tampa first, and do all the other mundane tasks later.

Fun Places in Tampa

It goes without saying that Tampa is a great city.  Even during a pandemic, Tampa’s business community is growing with several newcomers opening up in 2021.  Tampa has several new hot spots that will appeal to all crowds; here are a few new selections:

  1. Hatch Hangout: hatchethangout.com   Is there a better idea for relieving post-moving stress than throwing an ax or two in a controlled environment?  Throwers need to be 12 or over, but no experience is required.  The company will host ladies nights, team-building events, groups of families, or any event that wants to incorporate active play into the celebration.  It’s an update on the dart-throwing days of old, and we can’t wait.
  2. Flower Crown Kombucha: flowercrownkombucha.com Does your new life in Tampa come with a lifestyle reset?  If so, that should include imbibing on Kombucha, the fermented tea that benefits your body with probiotics and other good-for-you ingredients.  The taproom is the only one of it’s kind in Tampa, and in the future will offer other beverages from which to choose.
  3. ParBar: parbarstp.com Not into Kombucha and favor the more traditional bar offerings?  What if those offerings were paired with mini-golf?  Even better!  Opening in the Spring of 2021, Par Bar is a mini-golf themed bar that will cater to your sense of fun and play.  Food trucks will be at the ready, and you can even bring your dog!

Public Services in Tampa’s Counties

If after reading this you still want to be practical and efficient, here are some helpful links for checking off your list those mundane tasks.  We applaud you for your sense of time management and organization!  It’s important to have fun, but it’s also important to understand your new locale and your county’s schedule for trash management, public safety, and building and permit information, among other things.  In addition, Tampa has tons of libraries and public parks to help you enjoy your new location as a new resident.  Determine your specific county in the Tampa area and start discovering the fun places and public services available to you.

Pasco County:

Do you need to understand the public transportation options in Pasco County?  Need to finalize your business license?  The Pasco County government services website is a helpful place to start.  Like other counties, the website offers the standard links for expected government services.  In addition, there are links to support you with your pet adoption, to get involved in supporting the homeless community, and a disaster planning guide.

Pinellas County:

Like other counties, Pinellas County offers an online tool for locating facilities and services in the county.   For establishing new utility account in particular, research the municipalities link for the services available to residents in the 24 cities in the county.

Hillsborough County:

Hillsborough County is the home of downtown Tampa and the immediate cities surrounding it.  The county website currently boasts news of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Super Bowl LV champions.  More important information is the quick link to the COVID-19 dashboard, as well as a quick “At Your Service” residential online service request option.

Manatee County:

Manatee County has developed a “New Resident” information tool, which lets you enter an address into their system to generate information specific for that address.  It will generate trash collection days, polling and school information, flood zone information, and more.

Have Fun or Get Things Done?

Whether you decide to visit fun places or accomplish tasks with public services, your move to Tampa or the surrounding areas can be productive and insightful.  The vibrant city has new offerings for residents and businesses opening regularly.  As Tampa’s premier provider for professional moving services, Moving Ahead Services is always ready to be of service to new residents and businesses.  Can we be of further service to you?  Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.  Enjoy your new home and welcome to Tampa!