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Looking for ways to save money when moving? Let us help!

Here are some helpful hints for packing to save money on moving. Reading through them, all may seem to be common sense, but oftentimes, we don’t think of them until it is too late and end up scrambling to purchase items at the last minute.

–Start collecting boxes from your local grocery or retail store. Make sure they are clean, strong, and have tops or flaps that close all the way. Ask friends and family that have access to unused boxes and be sure to store them in a dry place. Keep in mind that large boxes can get heavy, and chances are that you will have to pick it up at some point, even if using a moving company’s services. Try packing books and other heavy items in smaller boxes. Moving Ahead Services can also provide you with boxes and packing supplies if you need it. Just be sure to recycle after you’re finished!

– Save newspapers and ask friends or relatives to do the same. You can use these for packing your valuables later. Mark each box as fragile on all sides to avoid mishaps. You might also look into corrugated paper rolls for all of your fragile items. Another great source is plastic grocery bags, utilizing them to wrap around fragile items. Moving Ahead Services also offers custom crating for artwork and other valuables.

– Grab large black markers and/or brightly colored Sharpies for labeling your boxes, in addition to packing tape. Pack with organization and keep in mind where the items will be going in your new home. If items are getting stored in the basement, label the boxes accordingly to avoid more work later. By labeling accurately, our professionals are able to place the items exactly where they are designated and you are able to find everything when you need it.

Let us help with your move and make it easier and less costly.

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