Labor Only Services from Moving Ahead Services

Moving Ahead Services offers labor-only servicing for those who prefer to handle their own transportation. If no one you know is available to help you move or you don’t like the idea of having to rely on those you care about, our labor-only service is probably exactly what you’re looking for. Our unbeatable movers will be ready to load all of your belongings onto the truck at your current location and then go to your new location to unload them, saving you a lot of body aches and time, as we will be able to load and unload your things more quickly with our extension of manpower.

Our labor-only option is commonly chosen and allows you more flexibility for when you actually want to drive to your new location. Say you don’t have to be moved into your new location for a while, but you want your current location packed up, loaded, and ready to go so that you can take a couple of days to spend having fun with friends or family before leaving them behind. By applying our labor-only services, you can have us get everything prepared and then send us on our way until you get to your new location a few days later. This allows you to unwind, relax, get your head cleared, and enjoy the surroundings of your current location one last time, essentially taking control of your life and moving at your own pace. It is for these reasons that many people who are taking part in long-distance relocations prefer the labor-only service.

By applying our labor-only moving services, you can also permit yourself more time to spend on the trip to your new location. If you are driving states away, you can make stops at various tourist attractions, historical landmarks, or nature sites and add some fun, education, and exploration to your moving experience.

The labor-only offer is great for those who take pride in their independence but are physically unable to lift their larger or heavier objects. If you are elderly, arthritic, experience back or knee pain from an old injury, or anything similar, our labor-only service will allow you to remain unscathed while still exercising your independence by doing the rest of your relocation tasks yourself.

We want to provide you with as many options as we can when it comes to moving, which is why we offer labor only services from Moving Ahead Services in addition to everything else we do.

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