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How to Choose the Right Moving Truck Size

Are you in the process of moving to a new house? Do you have a long-distance move that’s coming up in the next few weeks?

If so, then you need to learn all that you can about how to choose the right moving truck size. This is important because it ensures you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Too large a truck, and you’ll be spending unnecessary money on the move. Too small, and you’re signing yourself up for multiple trips.

See below for an in-depth guide on how to choose the right moving truck size, as well as how to streamline your move.

How to Choose the Right Moving Truck Size

Some of you are going back and forth on whether to hire professional movers or try and do it all yourself.

We’ll share with you in a moment why going the professional route is always the better option. Regardless of whether you DIY or hire professionals, there’s one thing you’ll have to consider: the size of your moving truck.

It’s an aspect of the move that you usually don’t think about until you have to think about it… you know? Most people are stumped when the truck rental company asks what size they need.

Thankfully, it isn’t that hard to determine. The appropriate size truck can be determined by the number of rooms in your house (unless you’re a hoarder, that is).

You can start gauging the size you need by asking yourself a few questions. How many rooms are in your current house?

What is the size of your furniture? Would you say it’s above average? How many boxes do you have packed?

Here is a breakdown of the recommended moving truck sizes based on the number of rooms in your current place:

  • 1 room: 10 to 16 feet
  • 2 rooms: 12 to 20 feet
  • 3 rooms: 18 to 22 feet
  • 4 rooms: 22 to 26 feet

What to Look for in Professional Movers

Of course, that moving truck size might not matter without the help of a professional moving company.

Packing a moving truck can be like a game of Tetris. You have all these weirdly-shaped objects that need to fit within a confined space.

Most DIYers don’t maximize the full space given to them in their moving truck. For example, they don’t know how to safely stack items and capitalize off the upper half of the truck’s length.

professional moving company can help you in several ways, such as:

  • Significantly lessen the time it takes to pack
  • Eliminate moving injuries with professionally-trained workers
  • Guarantee the protection and safety of your prized possessions
  • Give you more peace of mind over the move
  • Ensure that your items are secure and snug for your long-distance move
  • Streamline the process for packing, hauling, and organizing
  • Offer storage options for your belongings if the move-in and move-out dates don’t align.

Moving companies are one of the most accommodating services in the world. They can help relieve you from the physical and mental burden of moving.

Take the time to consider all of the different ways a moving service could benefit your move!

Why the Right Size Moving Truck Is Essential

Some of you might still be wondering, “Why is it so important that I find the right size moving truck?” See below for more information.

Peace of Mind

As it turns out, Goldilocks may have been on to something! She wouldn’t settle for a moving truck that’s “too big” or “too small”, and neither should you.

If you rent the wrong size moving truck, the entire process will be stressful. If the truck is too big, you’ll worry about the safety of your items while in transit.

The right size truck will ensure that everything goes perfectly. No setbacks, no extra trips, no disappointments when you reopen the truck bed.

You get to look forward to your new beginnings without any frustrations or stress about the condition of the moving truck.

Room for the Necessary Equipment

Contrary to popular belief, the moving truck and moving boxes aren’t the only equipment that you need for the move.

Many people only think about the space they need for their belongings. However, you’ll find it much more difficult to carry those large objects without a dolly!

Some of the most essential pieces of moving supplies include:

  • Moving Boxes
  • Moving Pads
  • Mattress Bags
  • 4-Wheel Dollies
  • Hanger Bars
  • Mattress Boxes
  • Moving Carts & more

You can purchase all of these items under the “moving supplies” portion of our site. Make sure you have everything that you need!

Insurance Coverage

As if the risk of something breaking wasn’t enough reason to find the correct moving truck sizes, imagine the horror of finding out that your broken items aren’t covered.

All moving truck rentals (should) come with insurance to make sure your belongings are secure.

That said, using the wrong moving truck size could result in the insurance company not covering the cost to replace them.

For example, if you purchased a moving truck that was too small, then your items broke because you tried stacking things up to high, it won’t fall under the category of an unforeseen accident.

Choose the Right Moving Truck Size for Your Move Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on how to choose the right moving truck size, be sure to use this information wisely.

To get started, please reach out to our office closest to you and we’d love to assist you further.