Homesick After Moving

Handling the Moving Gloom

Being homesick after a big move is totally normal! Whether it sets in right away or after the initial hustle and bustle of relocating, it is definitely a reality for many. If you are feeling homesick, check out our top tips for beating the blues!

Don’t Mope

At least don’t mope for long!  Give yourself a mental health day to process everything and get it together. Resist the urge to binge Netflix on your couch for a solid month! The more you do, the better you will feel and the key to improving your feelings is to take action.

Use Technology

We are seriously lucky to have such a plethora of technology options at our finger tips.  Whether you want to do Facetime, Skype, chat, text, video messaging, etc etc… You have the ability that no one in history has ever had – You can see your loved ones and friends from anywhere! Take advantage of it, it will help!

Make a List of Places

If you are really struggling with missing your last home town, then it’s time to start getting busy making memories. Make a list of your favorite places and start working on finding new ones in your new town. From restaurants to shopping, gyms, grocery stores and more – Getting familiar can go a long way!

Find Group Activities

Whether you are looking for friends, dating, professional networking etc – It is out there thanks to the interweb! Check out group activities at a local fitness center, volunteer around town, find group dating networks – Anything that will get you out there and start meeting some locals and making new friends.

Get Social at Work / School

If you have changed jobs or started a new school, start spending time with people! Sure, they may not be your new BFFs but at least give it a shot! You never know who else you will meet, and it could also show some great new places around town.

Moving and being homesick is totally normal. Moving distances is not for all of us, and if you find after the first year or two you just aren’t settling in and happy – It may be time to think about a move back!