Home Tips for a Successful Summer!

Summer is here and many are planning to move or recently have completed a big move. Taking advantage of the nice weather and school breaks is a great way to support a successful, stress-free move. In honor of the summer season, here are some home tips for a successful summer!

Gardening and Landscaping:  Landscaping may seem to be an odd priority on the list of tasks that come along with moving into a new home. The endless chores can seem daunting, but it’s not a bad idea to start your landscaping and gardening early! In doing so, the landscaping items you plant are able to establish themselves and mature for their full potential.  Gardening during your first year will lead to fuller plants in shorter time to be enjoyed for years to come. In addition to the big box retailers, many local organizations will host plant sales and benefits, offering a large selection with a little price tag. Schools, sport organizations, charities, and even local nurseries are known for selling bulk or individual quantities of plants and shrubs for reasonable prices.

Deep Cleaning:  Whether you will put this on the DIY list or hire a company, cleaning windows, walls, furniture, and carpets in the summer months can be easy, as there is less traffic in the house than during the cold weather. Rugs and linens can be cleaned and hung out to dry in fresh air, saving time and money from using commercial facilities. Dry-clean winter coats now and pack away school items in a space that can be easily accessed in the fall.

Home Maintenance:  Whether the home is new to you or it’s been yours for a lifetime, it is important to keep up with routine maintenance tasks. Cleaning ducts for heating and cooling and replacing filters will ensure proper function in hot weather and for the upcoming winter.  Filter function for your heating and cooling units can impede on the operation, including ceasing function, if not properly cleaned and/or replaced. Save on costly repair bills by proactively checking and changing filters. It is also a good idea to check batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, sump pups, and any other dormant back up mechanisms. It is easy to forget, but if or when an issue arises, you will be thankful!

Summer is definitely a favorite in northeast Ohio, and everyone is busy getting things in order to be able to enjoy the season. Keep track of the priorities and make time to mix them in with all of the fun that summer brings. Just follow these home tips for a successful summer!